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Our Practices

From the onset, “harmony with nature” has played a key role in our practices, so naturally, we have preserved the wild habitat surrounding our vineyard.

Oaks, maples, firs and creeks divide our blocks. A buffer zone of trees, grasses, ferns, blackberries and rocks is kept around our creeks to prevent erosion. In the vineyard, a cover crop of mixed grasses, vetch and legumes is used to avoid runoff in the winter, but also to attract a diverse insect population and add nutrients back into the soil. In growing our grapes, we continue to choose sustainable and organic practices whenever possible. To control weeds, we prefer to hand hoe and in-row cultivate. Our vines are non-irrigated to promote deep root growth. We use a well thought out vineyard management program to ensure a healthy canopy and fruit. Most importantly, we relish the touch of the human hand in the vineyard, from pruning in the early spring to harvesting our fruit in the fall.

Pelos Sandberg Vineyard is a LIVE-certified vineyard as of 2010.