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The Dream

Our story intricately involves the commitments we have made along the way in pursuit of a dream to grow premium quality grapes and make world class pinot noir. We followed, with great interest, the stories of many Oregon pioneers in the wine industry. Although far from the first to have this dream, we are certainly not the last to pursue it. To us, Oregon is a place still welcoming newcomers. Wine industry players are very willing to share experiences and expertise. We wanted not only a welcoming environment, but a place to call home. Our land is at the center of the dream. We started with the land (Pelos Sandberg Vineyard-PSV) in 2000, planted the grapes, and now make the wine (iOTA Cellars) as of 2006. It is all about hands on experience and doing things that feel right to us.

Our dream of making wine started as a simple conversation. To date we have planted 15 acres of “premium” pinot noir and chardonnay vines, built an on-site winery in 2010, and made wine for well over a decade. We continue to sell grapes to prestigious local winemakers, while retaining the majority of PSV’s fruit for the iOTA label.