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iOTA Special Order Form

2017 spring special

You must be 21 years of age to order and receive a shipment of wine. All wines are sold in Oregon and the title passes to the buyer in Oregon. By placing an order, the buyer authorizes iOTA Cellars to act on the buyer’s behalf to engage a common carrier to deliver the order. The buyer is solely responsible for shipment of alcoholic beverages. We make no representation relative to your right to import wine into your state.

The Wines:

2015 Phyllis Rosé of PN
$22/bottle—71 cases

2015 iOTA Chardonnay
$35/bottle—52 cases

2015 Not One iOTA PN
$28/bottle—728 cases

  • Ships free for spring on 6+ bottles
  • Special discounts apply
    6 – 10% | 12 – 15% | 24 – 20% | 36+ – 25%
  • Mix and match welcome

We will confirm (via email) receipt of your order along with approximate shipment date. We may delay shipment due to inclement weather conditions to insure the best wine quality. An attempt will be made to ship all wine on Mondays.