October update

Pappou block fruit

Today is October 11th.  All our fruit has been picked!  We pulled 18 tons total out of the vineyard this year.  Iota Cellars processed 6 1/2 tons.  Pelos Sandberg Vineyard sold Sam Tannahill 4 1/2 tons for Rex Hill – A to Z – Francis Tannahill and Josh Bergstrom 7 tons for Bergstrom Winery.  Quite a haul.  Rain was an issue, but flavors are there.  We have high hopes for another good vintage.

Iota picked 2 tons on 9/28 and 4 1/2 tons on 10/5.  That gives us a week in between picks.  We have our first 3 fermentors from the 9/28 pick just about dry and ready to press to barrel in the next few days.  Our next 3 fermentors from the 10/5 pick are finishing up their cold soak.  We will be raising the temps and starting fermentation shortly. 

We are happy that the real Yiayia and Pappou (as opposed to our fermentors holding the Yiayia and Pappou grapes!) have arrived on the scene to lend a hand.  We aren’t sure who is happier:  Will for the extra attention and love or us for some real meals!  Should be a close call. 

Hope to add a few snapshots to share.  Be patient.  This is a new venue for me.  Just learning.  Thanks a million to Grace and Rich Johnson for keeping us current and getting this blog rolling.  They not only created our amazing web site, but continue to be our techies in the wing.  Maybe a little will rub off on us!

Bye for now,

Lynne (& Johanna and Don) 

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