To Barrel…part one

Well, I’m back in Minnesota and missing all the action.  Iota Cellars’ 2007 wine all rests in barrel now.  Our first 3 fermentors, picked on 9/28, went to barrel on 10/12, the old-fashioned way…by hand…or should I say foot?  Check out Johanna’s dedication in the photos!  Pictures are clickable to make larger!

She’s inSquishyThe boots are STERILIZED!

Going upRiding high

Prior to the wet feet (should have worn waders) from pressing shown above, the free run wine was gently drained from the fermentors, using gravity flow (a la forklift).  The real Yiayia and Pappou (Grandma and Grandpa for those non-Greeks) lent a hand with their namesake vineyard block fruit.  Have a few photos to share here, too.

 Yiayia on handWatching free run



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