Iota 2006 Pinot Noir-Pelos Sandberg Vineyard

 Iota 2006 LabelIota 2006 Back Label  

Our first release has been in the market now since mid to late summer.  It was released to the public in April 2008 primarily through direct sales to individual mailing list customers.  We have slowly rolled out to retailers and restaurants in Oregon along with additional direct customers through word of mouth.  At the end of August, Minnesota became our first state for distribution outside of Oregon.  We have a few retailers and restaurants in Minnesota now selling and serving Iota 2006 Pinot Noir.  We have received wonderful feedback and look forward to spreading the word to more people who enjoy finding a gem of a pinot noir from a truly boutique winery with a “hands-on” approach.  With production set at less than 500 cases per year for the forseeable future, we plan to continue with our focus on the details.  We believe this to be key to making outstanding pinot noir.

Check out the “Reviews” tab on our web site under “Wine” for a few online reviews Iota’s 2006 has received.  The tabs-“Find Iota OR” and “Find Iota MN” under the “News” tab also list restaurants that have included Iota on their wine lists.  We are always happy to elaborate on where to find our wine.  Just email us for details or with any questions or comments you may have.  Thanks for being a part of our inaugural vintage.  We hope, if you are reading this and have not yet tried our wine, you search it out.  We love to share the fruits of our labor.  Enjoy!

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