Harvest 2010…surprise sunny skies

Pelos Sandberg Vineyard (PSV) managed to harvest under sunny skies this year.  It was touch and go with the weather, but starting on Sunday October 17th with Iota’s latest calendar pick yet, and ending on Thursday October 21st with Iota and Big Table Farm pulling in the last of PSV’s fruit, 16 tons of pinot noir were harvested from our vineyard in 2010.  Between Sunday and Thursday Big Table Farm, EIEIO and Rex Hill also picked their blocks of PSV.  It was a low yield and a tough ripening year, but we picked some tasty fruit nonetheless.  The winemaking moves to the “new” winery now as cold soaks end, heating begins and fermentations get underway.  What a treat to have the bins travel just down the hill to the winery via tractor to be sorted.  We are spoiled now!

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