Great Neighbors

Yes, we have been very fortunate in having wonderful neighbors over the years.  While living in Minnesota for 23+ years and now in California for the last 3+, we have scored high on the great neighbor scale, if such a thing exists.  It has been many years since we lived, literally, just a few feet apart from Jeff and Julie Burrows in Minnesota.  We miss those days when the kids were really young, but have had an amazing opportunity to reconnect through our Oregon vineyard and winery adventure.  They have come to visit us many times at the vineyard.  Initially, they were “in the neighborhood” a lot since their son, Peter, attends college in Washington.  Now, they come to see Peter (sort of), but really for the vines, wine and multitude of wonderful wineries in the Oregon-Washington area.  We love it!  Jeff started a great blog that features amazing meals both out and at home that are paired with wonderful wines.  iOTA has been featured a couple times in his blog.  His photos, tips and stories are well worth a look.  Yes, we have great neighbors!

Jeff measuring brix & temp of juice 

Jeff sipping juice while doing a pumpover

Julie, Jeff & Don


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