“Paulée at Paulée” Harvest Celebration in Dundee

Johanna & Don enjoyed a wonderful Harvest Celebration at Paulée Restaurant (one of their favorites!) in Dundee and were included in a Garden Time video to boot! (with Hosts William McClenathan and  Judy Alleruzzo)

From Garden Time December 7, 2013 Show Archive called Paulée at Paulée: “The holidays are full of family and friends and celebrating. This week we were invited to a harvest celebration at Paulee Restaurant (503-538-7970) in Dundee, called ‘Paulee at Paulee’. We were able to visit with a bunch of local chefs, food vendors, wine and beer makers, and suppliers. This really showed us how bountiful our local area is in wonderful food and beverages. In addition to talking with chef Sean Temple of Paulee, we also visited with Chris Dillon of Two Kilts Brewing, Jody Kropf and Shiloh Ficek of Red Hills Market, and Don and Johanna Sandberg of iOTA Cellars. They are only a few of the great local food and wine vendors in our area. Make it a holiday gift to yourself to go and visit one of them this season!”


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