10th Harvest at iOTA

It’s hard to believe 2015 is our 10th commercial harvest at iOTA. Beautiful fruit (lots of it), warm to hot weather (sting city), no rain to speak of (hope it’s coming), wine going to barrel (looking and smelling delicious), Don ready to wrap (sign of closure)… Yes, we know closure of another great season is imminent with our ’15 going to barrel, our ’14 bottled and cellared for the next year and our ’13 on the cusp of release. Our Pre-Release notice went out today. If you aren’t already on our mailing list, join now to get our best offer. Here are a few photos captured along the way 🙂

starting outalmost thererollingbringing it incatching yellow jacketsdestemming action

pump overstaking brixCO2 actionon the sorting linehot off the pressvines color changecleaning upPappou block pommardend of the day

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