Signs of Spring?

Spring has been a long time coming. Technically, it’s here, but you have to look hard. The calendar says April 20th, 2017, which means that we are only a month away from Memorial Open House at iOTA Cellars. Saturday May 27th and Sunday May 28th from 11-5 you can find us come rain or shine. It also means that our spring wine release is underway. Join our Mailing List to receive our special offer before it ends on May 7th. And, Otis the Thanksgiving puppy is now almost 7 months old. Not sure about Ripley the cat, but he’s an adventuresome critter, who can climb like no other. Enjoy a few spring pics captured between the showers. Cheers!



4 thoughts on “Signs of Spring?

  1. The weekend should be lovely for all who can join you.
    I sure enjoyed the year I did!
    Enjoy the occasion…….

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